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5 Reasons You Need a New Desk Chair

Is it time to get a new desk chair for your office? Probably. Let's walk through a few reasons it might be time to invest in a different chair and spruce up your work space. You might want to cover your desk chair's eyes while you read this...

1. Your desk chair is old

How long do desk chairs last? 7-10 years is the standard wisdom for a chair that's used full-time, but it might be less if you tried to"save money" up front and bought a budget option. Chances are, if you're wondering whether your chair is old, it's time to replace it.

2. Your desk chair is uncomfortable

Sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair for years is not going to make it suddenly become more comfortable. If adjusting the lumbar support and height has not remedied the issue, it might be time to invest in a new chair (and consider a new mouse/keyboard set-up).

3. Your desk chair is ugly

Nothing can be done to fix an ugly desk chair, and the reality is, if it's ugly, it's probably also uncomfortable and/or old, if it's that unattractive. Fabric covers for desk chairs are not a good solution, as they're often cheap and poorly fitting.

4. Your desk chair is broken

Particularly if you inherited your chair from a former coworker, your desk chair may have seen better days. If it's a high-quality chair, it might be worth fixing, but if you've got a budget, it might be worth moving on.

5. You've earned a cute chair

Pandemic. Working from home. Endless ZOOM calls. Let's face it - you've earned a cute new desk chair that you actually like.

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