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SLOANE.  Each one of  Sloane’s sculpted lines and curves is deliberate, from the smooth, easy-to-hold pull handle to the rounded waterfall edge seat.  Its airy, easy design also boasts cleverly hidden controls that deliver personalized comfort.

BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE.  Inspired by nature, Sloane’s frame is organic and minimalist.  The one-piece mesh seat and back enhances its graceful, sweeping lines.

ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE.  Sloane fits in any workplace-home or office.

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR MOVEMENT.  Sit up straight…or not.  Shift, tilt, and face left or right.  Whatever your favorite posture is, Sloane supports it.

EFFORTLESS COMFORT.  It’s never been easier to adjust your chair.  Sloane’s intuitive integrated controls are at your fingertips. Tilt back, lock it upright, move up or down, all at the flick of a lever.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT.  Sloane’s featherweight frame allows you to move it around freely.

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