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Home Office Decor for Women: 6 Ideas

With so many people working from home, lots of ladies are walking into their drab home offices and realizing they never got around to decorating them! A home office can be the last place people decorate when they move into a new house, and even...many years later, sometimes the office falls by the wayside.

But no more! So let's discuss 6 home office decor ideas for women!


1. Fresh coat of paint

Nothing spruces up a boring, white room like a fresh coat of paint! And if you've got some time on your hands, why not break out the paint brush?

2. New art

Add style without adding clutter with new pieces of art in your home office. Consider adding a gallery wall, or floating shelves.

3. Add a succulent

As they're cute, trendy, and impossible to kill, why not invest in a succulent? Order online or pick one up at the grocery/hardware store.

4. Cute, fabric office chair

Who said office chairs can't be adorable? Why not add a chic, upholstered office chair - perhaps even one with a beautiful *back*? The back of an office chair is often the first thing people see when they walk into a room. Why not make it count?

Check out our Julianne chair to see all the stunning fabrics.

5. Scented candles

Scenting your space can make all the difference! If you aren't keen on open flames, how about a scented jar, to make the office feel more welcoming?

6. A touch of gold

Gold is all the rage right now - so why not use it to spice up your home office? What about adding gold office supplies (think stapler, paper clip holder) or a gold table to hold your printer?

Thanks for stopping by! Let us know what you're doing to make your home office more feminine!


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