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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Classier

As we all spend way too much time in our homes, there's no time like the present to make some quick upgrades, especially with a little extra time on your hands! So, here are 4 easy ways to make your home classier!

Add chinoiserie

Nothing upgrades a house like a bit of Chinoiserie! And luckily, it's easier than ever to find affordable, Chinese-inspired designs at bargain stores like TJ Maxx.

Upgrade your glassware

While glassware might seem like a boring upgrade, classy wine, coffee, and even water glasses can brighten your morning, noon, & night (maybe not in that order!) and make guests, when we finally have them, feel like you've gone above and beyond.

Classy scents

I simply can't have enough scented candles, and I never buy the same one twice. Lately, I'm all about our Indy local candle maker, Penn & Beech.

Dim the lights

Nothing says elementary school cafeteria like overly bright lighting. So bring down the overhead lights, and keep things classy by adding lamps, or replacing out dated fixtures, if you're feeling fancy!

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