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How to Decorate a Bar Cart

Nothing finishes off a classy living room like adding a bar cart! Wondering where to start? Check out these easy tips!

1. The bar cart

It *all* starts with the right bar cart! Bar carts can come at a surprisingly hefty price tag, so depending on your budget, it may require a bit of searching! I definitely experienced some sticker shock when I started looking for my first! Keep an eye on HomeGoods (they go fast!) and don't buy the first cart you find online!

Gold is the both the most traditional and the most trendy color for a bar cart, but many other options have crept into the mix! We actually have both a gold and a bamboo cart at home, both from, you guessed it, HomeGoods!

2. Ice bucket

Once you've selected your bar cart, you'll need to find an ice bucket to start the decorating. From silver-plated traditional to mid-century modern clean lines, you won't have a hard time finding this component!

Pro tip: You don't even have to use it for ice, in practice, if you don't want! Our ice bucket is antique...and it's really just for decor, as I don't trust it's safe to eat out of!

3. The right bottles

This is the easy part! Load up your bar cart with the drink-making essentials, particularly a selection of liquor bottles, both for drinks you love, and for drinks your guests might enjoy! Start with gin, vodka, whiskey, and tequila, and see where that gets you! Add as you go along. And, of course, the "fixings" (that don't need to be refrigerated) and that don't look too cluttered.

Think of it as a display, not a buffet.

4. Decor

If you're going traditional or mid-century, a decanter is a must! Add some appetizer plates, if you have space. I found the greatest red and white paper straws at my beloved TJ Maxx and they became a *staple* of our bar cart!

Thanks for stopping by!

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