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How to Make a House a Home

Looking to make your house more welcoming? Check out these easy tips and it'll be cozy in no time!

Now that we're all spending extra time in our homes, many of us are questioning our home decor decisions! Want to make your house feel more like your own home? Here are my tips!

Personal Pictures

While too much "clutter" and too many "trinkets" is definitely not in vogue right now, adding a few personal pictures throughout a house can make it feel more like your own, and less like a house in a magazine! Or, do like Prince Charles and group all your pictures on a piano/desk/sideboard!


A few throw pillows go a long way! Add a few to your bed, guest bedroom (even better, since it's rarely used), and your sofas! Don't go overboard, or they'll end up in a constant pile on the floor!

Window treatments

Nothing makes your home feel more like your own and, less like a hotel, than window treatments. They don't have to be "curtains," but anything from new blinds to shutters, to just curtain panels, will "finish" your room and make it cozier!

Floor coverings

Rugs, rugs, rugs! Cleanable, replaceable, and moveable, rugs are my lazy girl's replacement to carpet! While hardwood is great and chic, sometimes it feels a bit cold, especially in the most "lived in" rooms in your home.

Flowers & Plants

Adding some flowers and houseplants in your home not only gives you something to take care of, but it also freshens the air in your home and makes it feel complete! Depending on your level of skill, maybe start with some succulents or spider plants.

Mug collection

Ok, maybe this is just the Anglophile in me, but I am *all about* a personal mug collection. They don't have to kitschy, but I love a good mug from somewhere I've visited! While those matching mugs you registered for when you got married sure are "clean," they don't really represent your personal tastes, do they?

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make a house a home! For more home decor tips, check out How to Make Your Office More Feminine!


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