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Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Wondering how to make your new dorm room feel like your home away from home? Check out these easy tips to make your dorm chic, cozy, and comfy!


1. A bedspread that makes a statement

The first thing most of us think about when shopping for a college dorm is a bedspread set for that twin extra long bed! Good news is, the fact they're so common means you'll have plenty of options to pick from.

When selecting a bedspread for your dorm, remember your bed will likely be not only your place to sleep, but also your frequent study spot, and sometimes it'll be the only available spot to offer friends to have a seat! With this amount of use, you'll want to think twice before selecting too light of a color for your bedding.

Oh and - be sure to get the matching pillow shams, so you can dress up your room for those visitors!

2. Easy Plants

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you can't have a little something to take care of! Don't rush off and take on a pet (you'll have neither time nor space and they're not allowed in any Freshman dorm I've ever heard of!). So how about a succulent? Cheap, easily moved, and impossible to kill!

3. A *comfortable* desk chair

You'll be spending more than a little time in your dorm's desk chair, no matter how much you come to love the library! Be sure to select a chair that's both cute and comfortable, as it'll be not only the focal point of your tiny room, but also a way to stand out from all the other cookie cutter rooms! Since you're here...why not check out our chair selection!

4. Avoid posters

While they're undoubtedly a mainstay of the college dorm room, invest in some real art (it doesn't have to be expensive!), rather than slapping a few cheap movie posters on your walls. You can keep them throughout your college experience, if you get ones you like enough, and you'll thank me later!

5. Coordination

This is my trickiest suggestion, but if possible, see if your roommate is willing to coordinate your room, at least on color basics or shared spaces! It'll make all the difference in the overall appearance of your space and make it feel so much more cozy!

Bonus: A cozy coffee corner

If you can - and if you have space! - adding a coffee corner can really make you feel at home!

Even if your college has a "no hot things" policy, collect some mugs and tea bags/ instant coffee to help perk you up on those early mornings and keep you rolling through those late nights!

Thanks for stopping by!

And good luck with making your college dorm chic and cozy!


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