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How to Mix and Match Fabrics

The Mix and Match Fabrics Formula

1. Start with a large-scale pattern Choose a fabric in colors you love to establish the room's palette. For big impact, use the pattern in abundance, such as on curtains as shown here. Or add small punches with pillows or an accent chair.

2. Pick coordinating solids These work well for big upholstered pieces, such as sofas. Use varying textures, from slubby linens to quilted cottons, to add interest to the room. Always remember to choose fabrics that are appropriate for their applications.

3. Mix in a stripe and a small-scale pattern The stripe you choose can range from a wide cabana stripe to a subtle strié. For your small-scale pattern, consider a floral, paisley, or geometric. Stay within the color palette you've already established for consistency.

4. Trust your instincts Not everything has to match perfectly, but the fabrics should create a look that is pleasing to the eye. Lay your final choices on a table and think about them for a few days. If you still love them, you have a good mix!


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