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2020 Fashion Spring Fashion Trends

As we slowly think about coming out of our winter hibernation, what are the top 2020 fashion trends you should be shopping for from the safety of your sofa this spring?

After scouring the fashion mags, we've rounded up the top spring fashion trends for this upcoming year, and they're definitely an exciting mix! I'm not sure I'll be rocking the Bermuda short suit combination we've seen on the runway, but I have already added a straw bag (or two!) to my closet.

Here they are!

  1. Puff sleeves

  2. Zebra print

  3. Straw bags

  4. Polka dots

  5. Faux leather

  6. Shirt dresses

  7. Bermuda shorts

  8. Vintage fashion trends

  9. Crochet

  10. Massive "disco" collars

Exciting, right? Perhaps a bit much all in one outfit, but adding in a couple here and there won't hurt! If you're looking to snag some of these trends on the cheap, TJ Maxx has some amazing "on trend" items, no matter when I visit!

Thoughts? What's your favorite on the list?

For even more trends, check out: InStyle; Harpers Bazaar


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